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Scleral lens user tutorial

Part 1: Start here

About this tutorial, about scleral lenses, and about your fellow scleral lens users

Part 2: Appointments with your lens provider

What should I expect? What questions can I ask? How can I get the most from my appointment?

Part 3: Rinsing & filling

What can I use to fill my scleral lenses? What CAN'T I use? How do I choose? What are the differences between all these salines? Where can I purchase them?

Part 4: Prep, setup and safe lens handling

How do I prepare my space (and my hands) to keep my lenses safe? What will I need for my 'application station'? Why is water a problem for scleral lenses?

Part 5: Lens application (insertion) tools, techniques and troubleshooting

Lots of video examples. What can I use besides a standard plunger, if I'm having difficulty? Why am I having a hard time learning? Does practice make perfect? What do I do if I just can't get my lens in?

Part 6: Lens removal tips, techniques & troubleshooting

Video examples of techniques. What to do if I can't get my lens out? How do I remove my lens when I don't have a plunger?

Part 7: Cleaning and disinfecting scleral lenses

What's the difference between cleaning and disinfection? What solutions are appropriate? Why is it important not to rinse my lenses with water?

Part 8: "Midday fogging", rinsing and removal, and other practical daily tips

How can I safely remove, rinse and re-insert my lenses? What might be causing my mid-day lens fogging or debris? What questions should I ask my doctor?

Part 9: Storage and replacement

How do I safely store my lenses, short-term or long-term? How often do my lenses need replacement?

Part 10: Traveling with sclerals

Flying with sclerals: What should I take in my carry-on? What security restrictions do I need to plan ahead for (domestically, internationally)?